On-Site Group has the experience and relationships to provide its clients the following construction management services

  • Analysis of clients needs and wants
  • Development of a Strategic Planning
  • Participate in site selection and/or pre-negotiations site assessment
  • Assist in Lease Negotiations & Lease Review
  • Development of Project Estimates
  • Design Development
  • Scheduling
  • Construction Management

             -  Manage the timely development of Architects Construction Documents (CDs)

             -  Coordinating the bid process

             -  Presenting recommendations to award contracts

             -  Oversee the Architect and Expeditor in obtaining permits

             -  Coordinate possession between Landlord & General Contractor

             -  Manage project schedule

             -  Schedule and attend site visits

             -  Host weekly conference calls

  • Construction Administration

             -  Provide updates to schedules and budgets

             -  Documentation of meeting minutes

             -  Document project progress w/ the participation of the GC   

  • Client Internal Coordination

             -  Coordinate with Tele/data and IT teams

             -  Turnover from Construction to Clients Operations Team

  • Warranty Period


We work closely with our partners at GIDCH Construction in the New York area to provide our clients with the highest level of On-Site Services.