On-Site Group, Inc.

On-Site Group, Inc. was established in 2000, to provide portfolio (asset and real estate) management advisory services.  Over the years the range of services we offer have grown in response to our clients wants and needs. The decision to add the menu of services was handled very carefully to make sure that each new service was connected to our core.  In addition to our core portfolio management services we now offer small business, design, and construction management services.   


Over the last few years On-Site has progressively expanded the size of the portfolio under management while consulting with companies on business development, design, and construction management.  Since providing small business services through On-Site, the following are some of our significant accomplishments:

  • Providing Construction Management Services for Kiehl”s since 1851.
  • Developing Bakers Oven.
  • Developing a strategic plan for GIDCH Construction, Inc.
  • Initiating the strategic plan to develop a multi-store program for Little Cupcake Bakeshop.
  • Designer of The Little Cupcake Bakeshop at 30 Prince Street, New York, NY
  • Performed a business assessment, created a repositioning strategy and implemented a plan for the divestment of “Gotham Fitness” club in 2004.


On-Site Group has emerged from the recent economic down turn as a respected leader in portfolio and small business services.