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Cheryl Vecchio


With a wealth of knowledge and experience our team is here to deliver for our clients.  We make every decision with our client's best interest in mind. 

Cheryl, On-Site’s CFO, has a wealth of experience in project management, financial planning, budgeting and project consultation.  She holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Duke University, as well as an MBA in Finance from New York University.


For years, Cheryl held project management positions for Consolidated Edison, the large New York electrical utility.  She also held an executive position on the finance side of American Express’ customer services department, where she acquired experience in customer service management and corporate culture development.  At On-Site, Cheryl works more on the property management side of the business, rather than project management.


“The essence of what makes On-Site unique, compared to run-of-the-mill project management companies, is that we don’t only know how to design: we know how to build,” Cheryl says.  “These are two important distinctions.  It’s one thing to be an architect and to design a beautiful structure but quite another to know how to build it at lowest cost, how to maximize the space to drive customer traffic and how to add the most value to a bricks-and-mortar enterprise.  This breadth of experience is the On-Site advantage.”

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