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About On-Site Group

On-Site Group has provided comprehensive Owner’s Representative services throughout North America to maximize the value of our clients’ portfolios since 2000.  We established our reputation based on representing our clients with the highest level of ethics and integrity.  

Your business come first; based on what you require

we help to define and execute strategy, set realistic

expectations, drive the schedule and manage all the

economics behind the effort.

Owner's Representative:

A professional that your business hires to perform a specialized service.

  • Dedicated and nimble leadership by seasoned professionals with a range of skills in business management, real estate, design, architecture and construction

  • We're an Added-Value solution that generates time and monetary savings equal to or in excess of our fees

  • Experience with hundreds of retail, office, residential and industrial projects

  • Systematic project management processes

  • Reliable cost and schedule controls

  • Results-oriented risk management and contract administration

  • A flexible team that adapts to your organization’s culture 

The On-Site Advantage

  • Our broad experience allows us to foresee the consequences of various decisions and to avoid problems before they occur. 


  • On-Site Group guides the dealmakers to minimize,

        if not eliminate, unreasonable deal term obligations. 

  • We lead the collaboration of designers, architects,

       contractors and vendors.


  • We drive for all projects to be delivered on-time and up to our well-established clients’ standards and expectations.

"We handle every project dollar spent as if it were our own."

Adding Value

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of Dedicated, Experienced, Passionate Professionals


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