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Ryan Vaughn

Director of Project Development

Ryan heads up the management and development of all residential, commercial, industrial, retail and mixed use properties throughout North America and has worked on bricks-and-mortar projects for PANDORA, DKNY, TJ Maxx, Equinox, Ann Taylor, Toys-R-Us and The Body Shop, among others.  He is the primary point of contact at On-Site for all asset management and development projects.  Ryan coordinates teams of architects, engineers, landlords, designers, and contractors, and oversees the permit processes. 

“The biggest thing is customer service,” Ryan says.  “Other firms, after the initial wine-and-dine, don’t devote themselves to smooth seamless onboarding, ongoing management and new development like we do.  We’re focused, nimble, and offer excellent execution and customer service.  It’s my job to translate your vision to reality, without compromise, and without surrendering the original intent.”

 Ryan has a degree in architecture from Florida A&M.

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