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Our menu of consulting services are designed to help identify specific opportunities for improvement  

Consulting–Insight & Strategy

We learn about and embody your brand to develop an effective strategy, engaging design, and sales-driven environment. 

Feasibility Study – Location, Location, Location

With our experience and understanding of your strategic plans we help determine if an opportunity is viable. 

Fleet Review – Is what you have, what you need

We collect all the necessary data about your existing portfolio (locations) to determine opportunities for improvement.  

Lease Review – Protecting Your Interest

We help to ensure lease terms and conditions benefit your development efforts.  

Property Assessment – The Value of The Asset is Key to Your Investment

We look at an opportunity from numerous perspectives and help our clients determine the value of a potential investment.  

Budget Analysis – Fiscally Responsible

We help develop an accurate budget and identify potential cost-save opportunities to meet your financial requirements.

Schedule Optimization –Time is Money (Timing, Logistics & Deliverables)

We analyze the opportunity and develop a plan to deliver on your expectations. 

Third-Party Design Review – Beautiful, Productive and Sustainable Designs

Ensuring that your design intent is captured and feasible to implement.  

Third-Party Peer Review - Construction Documents

We ensure technical drawings and documents translate to the trades to deliver on the brand's vision/design intent.

Procurement RFP – Right Price, Right Product, Right Partner

We manage the RFP process to select vendors/contractors eligible to submit a proposal for their respective goods and/or services with the intent to award the offered project.  

Implementation – Project Build-out

In your interest, we drive the General Contractor to construct the project to your standards, timelines and budget constraints. 

Close-Out Project Audit – Wrap it up

After Occupancy we gather all the necessary close-out documentation to ensure final payments are agreed upon, payments are issued and sign-offs are obtained.

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