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Valuation and Development Services 

The following offering of services, individually or packaged together, are designed to provide our clients the resources and expertise necessary to assess, develop and optimize the assets potential.  

Valuation &

Consulting–Insight & Strategy

We learn about and embody your objectives to develop an effective strategy in order to deliver on your goals. 

Feasibility Study – Location, Location, Location

With our experience and understanding of your strategic plans we help determine if an opportunity is viable. 

Portfolio Review – Is what you have, what you need or want?

We collect all the necessary data about your existing portfolio to determine opportunities for improvement.  

Lease Review – Protecting Your Interest

We help to ensure lease terms and conditions benefit your goals and objectives for your portfolio and/or development efforts.  

Property Assessment – The value of the Asset is key to your investment objectives

We look at an opportunity from numerous perspectives and help you determine the value of a potential investment.  

Financial Budgets & Analysis – Fiscally Responsible

We review financial statements in an effort understand and optimize the financial viability of the asset(s).

Schedule Optimization –Time is Money (Timing, Logistics & Deliverables)

We analyze the opportunity to provide a realistic plan in order to deliver on your expectations. 

Design Review – Beautiful, Productive and Sustainable Designs

We ensure that your design intent is captured and feasible to implement.  

Third-Party Peer Review - Construction Documents

We ensure technical drawings and documents translate to the trades to deliver on your vision/design intent.

Procurement RFP – Right Price, Right Product, Right Partner

We manage the RFP process to select vendors/contractors eligible to submit a proposal for their respective goods and/or services with the intent to award the offered project.  

Implementation – Project Build-out

In your interest, we drive the General Contractor to construct the project to your standards, timelines and budget constraints. 

Close-Out Project Audit – Wrap it up

Upon project completion we gather all the necessary close-out documentation to ensure final payments are agreed upon, payments are issued and sign-offs are obtained.

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