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Portfolio Asset Management Services

Designed to take the burden of everyday real estate management off our clients while implementing operational efficiencies and reporting that keeps them informed 

Site Management –Location location location

With our understanding of your goals and objectives we facilitate the day to day management while keeping the future master plan for the asset and your portfolio in mind. 

Capital Improvement / Repair & Maintenance

Leveraging vendor and contractor relationships to secure quality work, in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.  

Financial Reporting –Fiscally Responsible

We create a mutually agreed upon financial plan with reporting to keep you updated and informed on the performance of your asset and the collective portfolio.

Lease Review and Administration –Working in your best interest

We help to avoid terms and conditions that do not benefit the client. 

Documents Management – Leases, Regulations, Business Registrations

Retain and update all the necessary documents for compliance purposes.

Scheduling–Time is money

We coordinate the timing and logistics with regard to access, delivery, installation and/or removal of materials to align with the desired expectations while setting realistic expectations. 

Strategic Planning Timing, Logistics & Deliverables

Monitoring market values ahead of Lease expirations, renewals or new tenant replacement to optimize the asset value.  

Turnover – Move-in Move-out

Upon vacancy facilitate deep clean and potential improvements, with all approvals in hand we turnover the space to the new tenant. 

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